CROWDER RODS, INC, a Stuart, FL fishing rod manufacturer, produces tournament level fishing rods using the “custom rod experience” which makes them the “Cadilac” of production rods in our industry today. Over four hundred different, species specific rods are offered on Crowder Rod’s SKU list and every rod is designed by Rob Crowder himself. Crowder Rods stands behind every rod built, assuring the highest quality and performance available in a fishing rod today. All Crowder Rods have a lifetime warranty against any defect in material or workmanship. Only the best components are used to assemble our fishing rods such as Aftco, Stuart and Fuji.

HISTORY: Crowder Rods was conceptualized on the inshore and offshore fisheries of South Florida, primarily in Stuart, FL; the Snook and Sailfish capital of the world. Just out of school Rob Crowder knew he wanted to make a living in the tackle industry based on his experience growing up in the area. He first went to work with Reddington Rods, a premium rod builder during that time later purchased by Orvis and now carries the name Sage. Rob learned from some of the best rod builders and soon was in charge of building all of the inshore and boat rods for the company. Two years into his job with Reddington, they sold to Orvis. The company changed direction and began focusing mainly on the Fly Fishing category. Rob took the opportunity to buy the heavier Salt-Water rod building equipment and Crowder Custom Rods was launched. By building quality product and reasonable prices, Crowder Custom Rods soon had a large grass-roots following that pushed the company into a full-time production company. Rob changed the name to Crowder Rods but has still managed to keep the “custom rod feel” in the line today.

INDUSTRY: The Fishing Tackle industry is driven by the Independent Business or the “Mom and Pop” store as it has been for many years. Some regional chain stores have made their mark in the past twenty years with some staying power in the fishing category, West Marine, Bass Pro, Cabelas and Gander Mountain, but the larger chains cycle in and out of the industry such as what has recently been seen with Sears. The reason is primarily due to the fishing tackle industry being a “fashion business”. No one can predict what color, size or shape a fish will like next week or next year; Reaction time is the key to many facets of the tackle industry. Service and selection across price points and fisheries are also key components which dictate success. Being able to touch and feel what you are buying is important due to the actions needed for the individual fisheries. For these reasons the Independent Dealers and Specialty Retailers still thrive today and we enjoy supporting their efforts.

VALUE: Crowder Rods has not re-invented the fishing rod but has set their standards high in quality and profitability. This is made possible due to “employing our neighbors” and our products being manufactured in the US at our factory in Stuart, FL. Not only does Crowder have a roster of the best tournament level stores on the East Coast but, the factory, the distributors (where applicable) and the dealers are all on board. Combine all of this with high fill rates, quick order turn-around and a solid warranty program, it’s no wonder why the brand continues to grow and satisfy anglers who have had the opportunity to fish our products.